Top Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

If you want a relationship to last, keeping it fun and interesting is very important. Dull and boring moments are inevitable, but it does not mean that you should be having them all the time. Spicing up your relationship can really help you two in understanding each other and in strengthening your bond. One way that you could do that is by simply asking dirty questions to your guy.

If you are quite hesitant to ask, you shouldn’t be. If you think you sound stupid for asking, shrug off all those thoughts. Guys are always up for a mood of dirty talks. Also, you can use these questions if you want to get him into some fun sexy games. To start getting down and dirty, here are the top dirty questions to ask a guy:

This question is a starter. With its positive and playful tone, you would not come out too straightforward for wanting. This would look more like a game for him, but you could use this to start off the dirty talking. This proves to be a very effective starter since it can lead you to topics from lingerie to sexual experiences.

Which part of your body is the most sensitive?

This question leaves him to ponder about the most sensitive part of his body. He might recall his last sexual interaction or the recent moment that he was passionately manipulated. Not only will he be able to think about it, but he might also visualize you caressing it. Hence, this question will probably have him long for your touch.

What is the most frequent hardcore fantasy you have?

A guy might be quite hesitant when answering this question, but you will definitely be surprised by his answers. This question allows him to recall his last extreme fantasy. He might even get turned on by just re-imagining it. This could also give him the chance to provide you hints on how he wants to get all sexually intimate with you.

What is your favorite sex position?


This ought to be the most popular question asked to a guy. This question seems to have a powerful effect since it does not only invite your guy to think about his favorite position, but it will have you visualizing it also. If you popped this question on an intimate moment, this might even provoke the both of you to actually do it.

Do you keep pictures and videos of naked women?

Some guys are ashamed of admitting that they keep naked pictures of women and sex videos. Nonetheless, you can still ask this to your guy just for the fun of it. Who knows? He might show you some of the photos and videos he kept, and you two might end up watching them together.

Have you ever tried using sex toys?


This question might come quite bizarre for a guy who doesn’t expect it, but it will surely be very interesting to know his answer. When asked by this question, he can fantasize different styles of sex using various paraphernalia. Also, this gives you a clue on his sexual preferences.

Which part of a girl’s body is your favorite?


You can ask this question when you two are alone together. That way, he can answer your question not by saying it but by touching it instead. With this, he can get playful with you, and he can also give arousing touches all over your body. Also, an ideal time to ask this question is when you want to initiate foreplay or a make-out session in an unsuspecting manner. So, a seemingly “innocent” question can lead you in each other’s hot embraces.

Who would you prefer to be on top?

Though quite similar to the question about his favorite sex position, this question differs since you get to know more about your man. The person on top generally signifies dominance and control. If he chose to be on top, then it shows that he prefers power and authority. If he chose you to be on top, then he prefers receiving directions and submitting to your moves.

How noisy are you during sex?

Being noisy might not seem too common to guys, but believe me, some guys do really get loud when they are having the greatest time. When you ask this question, it makes an impression that you are curious and, better yet, very interested if he gets loud especially when he gets to come. With a dirty question like this, you can easily engage him into having sex.

What to do you want to do during foreplay?


This is a great question to kick-start a make-out session. Just like some of the questions mentioned, this gets your guy to imagine the things he could do on a foreplay. As he shares his answers, encourage him to elaborate further details and to tell you more moves. It eventually gets the both of you inflamed and eager to do all of those things.

When was the last time you masturbated?

By asking him about the last time he masturbated, it shows how open you are to things like that and how you accept this part of him despite that it is an act not entirely accepted by others. Also, by knowing how frequent he masturbates, you get to know how often he gets horny and you can make use of it as your advantage. Talking about masturbation can provoke guys to actually do it. So, you can pop this question if you want to him to do it with you.

Have you tried having sex in public?

With this question, he may either feel embarrassed or proud of it. Either way, you should urge him to tell you about it. If he feels ashamed about it, you can cheer him up by saying, “I wish I would have been that girl If he felt grand about it, then you can talk more about all the kinky details.

Do you want to have sex right now?


If you want him to have sex with you in the first place, then you should definitely include this in your list of dirty questions. No man can resist a very luring invitation. Your guy will certainly not think twice about this question. With this, you can get him stimulated and ready for some mind-blowing sex. Want to invite him to bed? Just ask right away!

When things go slow and boring, nothing beats a good flirty and dirty conversation. Talking dirty and flirting are undeniably fun things to do for a couple, and these make a pair feel good about their relationship. Also, it allows you to share each other’s naughty side which will surely turn up the passion. Moreover, dirty talks can keep your man interested and attracted to you, and you can also make sure that you won’t get bored with your man. On the whole, the best thing about asking dirty questions to a guy is that not only do you get to keep the spark going, but you also get to know him a lot more by understanding from his perspective.

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