Top 15 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Top 15 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

We all know that actions speak louder than words. However, in a relationship, it is also important to articulate your feelings into words to let your partner know how you truly feel about her. Also, words, if used properly, have the power to make you two get even closer and make your relationship more intimate. In the English language, the most common phrase to express your love is “I love you”. Since it is often used, this line is already becoming a cliché. In case you are running out of words or you are not so good in verbalizing your feelings, here are cute things to say to your girlfriend.

1. My life has never been the same since I met you.

Hearing this line would make your girl feel so good. She would feel proud of herself knowing her existence gave a good impact on other people. This line could also mean that because of her, you have grown into a better person. Saying this line to her is somewhat your way of giving gratitude to the positive influence she has given you and to your life.

2. You are beautiful in all ways.


This line could mean a lot of things. Once your girlfriend hears this from you, she will instantly feel confident, and all of her insecurities won’t matter anymore.. This line would also tell your girlfriend that no matter what her flaws are, you still accept her entirely. And to be fully accepted is the very thing that everyone longs for.

3. I would do anything to make you happy.

Thinking about your girlfriend’s happiness is very essential in a relationship. By saying this line, your girlfriend would know that her sadness affects you too, and her happiness is also what makes you happy. This is also another way of saying “I love you” because when you love someone, you would always want them to be happy.

4. You brighten up my day every time I see you.

When someone brightens your day, it means that you suddenly feel positive and happy all day long. Thus, when you tell your girlfriend that she brightens your day, she would know that she brings color to your life. She would also know that her presence makes you the happiest.

5. I will always be by your side


Having someone by their side, no matter what happens, is what most people wish for. It always feels great to know that you always have someone to lean on when shaky situations occur. Everyone needs someone who can listen to them and genuinely sit beside them to show support.This line is somewhat a promise that during the good days and the bad days, you should always be there to support her all the way.

6. You’re always on my mind.

Finding out that someone is always thinking about you is flattering. However, sometimes, this could also make your girl a little bit conscious with the things she does. She might want to do something now and then cancel it later because she is overthinking about what you might think of her. But don’t worry! If you’ll just say this line appropriately, she might just kiss you and not think about being conscious at all! Plus, she’ll get all that butterflies and whatnots in her stomach after hearing you say this.

7. You always bring a smile to my face

When your girlfriend hears this, she would feel like she just made an achievement because let’s face it, it is so hard to make guys smile. We all know that most guys try to hide their true emotions and are, sometimes, hard to please. Your girlfriend knowing that she makes you smile even for no reason will surely bring her utter cheer.

8. You always take my breath away.


Do you remember that feeling the first time you saw your girlfriend? It was breathtaking, wasn’t it? This line could mean that the way you look at your girl has never changed and is still the same since the moment you first saw her. Telling her this line would let her know that she still has the same effect on you from the first time you both looked into each other’s eyes.

9. I miss you.

Aside from “I love you”, one of the commonly-used phrases when in a relationship is “I miss you”. There is nothing wrong with saying how much you miss your lover, but when used too often, this line would become meaningless. On the brighter side, saying “I miss you” to your girlfriend with genuineness will really make her feel your longing for her. It would also show that her presence is very important to you.

10. You are so close to perfect.

This sounds a little cheesy but if being close to perfect is how you see your girlfriend, then it’s nothing cheesy at all! This only shows how much you appreciate her just the way she is. Also, this is a way of telling her that everything she does is perfect to you. Lastly, this is like a reminder for her that she has nothing to change with the way she is because for you, she is already perfect.

11. You will always have my heart. And I promise to always protect yours.

This could be the sweetest thing to say to your sweetheart. Girls often feel vulnerable. Sometimes, all they want is someone to make them feel safe. After she knows that you will always protect her, she will be confident enough that you will be careful with her heart. Also, it is very overwhelming to know that you already have arms to run into and become your safe haven whenever something depressing or unpleasant happens.

12. I am so proud of you.

Having someone who is proud of you gives you the right encouragement to keep going. Letting your girl that you are proud of her is the best thing you could do to motivate her, especially when she thinks she is not capable of doing things.

13. You complete me.

These words can be the most romantic thing to say to your girlfriend. This can mean that she has already been a part of you and that nothing is the same without her. However, be careful with this line. It could also mean that without her, you are incomplete which might indicate that you have already been too dependent on her presence. Mind that in a relationship, you can’t just depend too much on the other because this prevents you both from growing.

14. You are the only one for me.

This could be the most faithful line you should say to your love if and only if you mean every word. This line could tell your girl that you will never look at other girls again because for you, you already found the one. Also, this line shows how serious you are in your relationship. Lastly, this means how much you want to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend.

15. I love you, always.


“I love you, always” means you love your girlfriend every day, in every minute, and in every second. Do not just say this in every fight you have since these words are often uttered when fights occur and when you are trying to calm your girl down. Always remember that when saying these words, there should be truth in them. Don’t just make “I love you” be the default line in a relationship with its true essence slowly fading away.

Don’t limit your words with just the ones mentioned in this list because there are still many cute things to say to your girlfriend. You can also make lines on your own as long as you mean every single word and that the truth is always present in them. Also, it is important to say these lines with your heart to make your girl feel all the things you want her to feel. On the other hand, these are just words. They will never be as meaningful as you want them to be without your actions. So, be sure to express your feelings both through your words and your actions.

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