Top 15 best wishes to your father on his birthday

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  1. After many years have passed, finally I can hold a little party for you. I wish you a happy birthday with love, good health and happiness. Thank you for taking care of me. Always love you.
  2. Past 50 years were the greatest moment of my life. Most importantly, it was the day a great man was born. Now, not only is he my father but also my friend. Thank you for coming in my life and loving me. Happy birthday daddy. You are always the only one in my heart.
  3. I still remember how you taught me to become brave and strong. You taught me to stand on my own feet and to keep going on the way I choose. To me, you are always my greatest father. I wish you best things on your birthday. I love you.
  4. Dad, you are my hero, my role model, the man who I always look up to and dream to become. Happy birthday dad!
  5. I hope you are always healthy and happy not only on your birthday but also on other 364 days in a year so that I can see your smile, your eyes and can feel your love every day for all the whole life, father. Happy birthday daddy.
  6. Thank you for always being next to me whether I am sad or happy and helping me to get through all my troubles. Happy birthday daddy. I wish you plenty of luck, good health and happiness.


  1. Thank you and sorry at the same time. Thank you for raising me up so that I can go on my way strongly and sorry for making you upset many times, father. Today is your birthday, I wish you all the best things, especially good health. I love you so much.
  2. Your soul is pure, your heart is priceless, and your wisdom is astounding. Happy birthday, Dad!
  3. Thank you for being my only light shining my life, father. Happy birthday to you!
  4. I will always be your little girl, have a year fulfilled with love and health, dad. Happy birthday.
  5. Happy birthday to the best father on all over the world. I still remember when you taught me to ride a bike, to laugh and how to reach for the stars. You are my inspiration and my hero. Always love you.
  6. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and teaching me never to give up. Happy birthday dad!
  7. Father, you are always for me from the day I was born. I are always watching me whatever I do, whenever I go. Another great year of having the greatest father in the world to spend time with.Happy birthday to you.
  8. Nothing better than seeing youhappy and healthy, father. Happy birthday to you.I love you so much.
  9. You are the only one who has always believed in me in every step of my way. Thanks for being a great father. Happy birthday to you.

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