Ten ways to recognize a friendship

In loneliness, in sickness, in confusion- the mere knowledge of friendship makes it possible to endure, even if the friend is powerless to help. It is enough that they exist. Friendship is not diminished by distance or time, by imprisonment of war, by suffering or silence. It is in these things that it roots most deeply. It is from these things that flowers.

It is the best quotes of Pam Brown that I have seen before. That’s right! Friendship is one of the best emotions of life. It’s difficult to distinguish a true friendship among hundreds relationship else. Ten underneath things will help you know what a true friendship is:
1.They will support you in all your efforts: A good friend will encourage you with anything that you try to do! Whether it is a problem of family life or changing your career path, a true friend will be there on every your step.

2.They will forgive you anything: Sometimes you make mistakes or mess up everything. Your best friends will forgive you because they respect you than your mistakes caused.

3.They always stand by your side: They always stand by your side when you are happy, you are sad or when you need a spiritual toehold as well as material ones. They are willing to support you as much as they can.

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4.They let you explore your own interests: When you grow up, you will have some private interests which your friends are not interested in. However, a real friend always encourage you to have your own interests and let you make time for those preferences.

5.They face to face with your deficiencies: A best friend can ignore your small flaws but they will feedback with you frankly and honestly.

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6.They usually keep in touch with you: They really will contact you whenever and wherever because they attend what is happening in your life. They do not notice your bad rumours or any gossips. They may just want to know what you had for dinner today!

7.They keep your secrets: A true friend always respect what you share with them and do not share with anyone else when you do not want that.

8.They are glad with your success: A good friend will be very pleased to congratulate on your success. They do not have any envies more.

9.They are not afraid to say sorry: When good friends make a mistakes, they would not hesitate and be ashamed to apologize and correct it.

10.Especially, you can feel comfortable when you are beside them.

Ultimately, we must take long time to have a true friendship, perhaps a lifetime. It’s necessary to start looking for a true friendship right now.