Say “I love you” to your mother on her birthday

Mother is the one who is always with you and loves you no matter who you are. Please love her and remind her of your love not only by actions but also by words. These words may be helpful for you to express your thoughts and feelings, especially on her birthday. Therefore, keep these words in your mind!

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1. Thank you for raising me up. To be more precise, you have been spending your life on me even though sometimes, you wanted to give up. You are my life. I love you, mom. Happy birthday to you.

2. Mother, I am not good at expressing my heart. To be honest, I just know to say that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday.

3. You have raised me up on your own for those years, mom. You had to suffer from a lot of troubles and difficulties but you did not give up. What you have done was spent for me. Now I am a college student which is your pride. I just want all the best things to come to you. I cannot spend much time being with you but you are always in my heart. I miss you and love you so much. Have a happy birthday, mom.

4. I will go over all difficulties as I promised and will always smile as I did. I love you so much, mom. I am truly thankful to you for loving me and raising me up. Happy birthday to you.

5. On your birthday, I just have a little wish. I hope every night I send you a message “Have you slept yet?” and I will not receive the answer “I am still thinking about things.” Please, sleep well, mom because from now on, I will take care of you as you have done for me for 25 years. Love you always.

6. Mom, you are the greatest present that Lord gave me. You are extremely important to me. I hope you are always happy and healthy not only on your birthday but also in your whole life. I will always love you.

7. Thank you for teaching me all your experiences in your life so I can go on my own way strongly. Thank you for teaching me the price of money so that I will not waste it. Most importantly, whenever I fell, you always picked me up and helped me get through all my troubles. I wish you plenty of good health and happiness. Happy birthday, mom.

8. To me, you are the only one in my heart as well as the most important one in my life. I will always love you. Happy birthday, mom.

9. Dear mom, I am always grateful for the Lord because he sent me the greatest mother in the world. I, personally, feel that I am the happiest person when having you by my side. I love you. I wish you a happy birthday.

10. Mom, today is your birthday, I hope you another year fulfilled with love and happiness. This song is for you, maybe I do not sing well but that is my sincere love for you. Love you forever.

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