Quotes about father

fathers day

1. The greatest gift that my father gives to his daughter is to believe in me.

2. When a father gives something to his son, they both laugh together in joy. When a son gives his gift to father, they both shed in tears.

3. A wise father is the one who can understand the feelings of his own child.

4. A father is the one who always wants to catch you when you are falling. However, he will push you and give chances for you to try again rather than picking you up.

5. A definitely rich father is the one whose children would run into his arms even when he doesn’t have any money.

6. Any normal man can be a father but it takes a special person to be a great dad.

7. Becoming a great father of the children is like brushing. It does not matter how hard you shave today, you will have to shave again in the next day.

8. The greatest gift that every child had ever received from God is their great father.

9. It must be when all the children grow up and live far away from the father. At that time, they will always remember and grateful for all the love his had given.

10. In every child’s thought in the childhood, there is no need which is stronger than the need for one father’s care.

11. People were not born to be fathers or mothers. Instead, men grow up to be fathers and being a father is a very essential state in their life.

12. Dads are the most typical men who stand as many characters such as heroes, story-tellers or even he can be an adventures.

13. The father always respected because of giving children the encouragement, loved because of the care and all his time.

14. When the child looks into a father’s eyes and calls him, no word makes him feel happier than the only word “daddy”.

15. Dad always hugs you when you shed tears, scolds when you do wrong things, proud when seeing you succeed and still believes in you even when you lose out.

16. Any girls need a father which can be a standard for her to judge all the men around.

17. The only man that every girl can trust is her daddy.

18. A man will know that he is becoming old at the time he begins to act like his father.

19. In a life of one man, there are three periods of time that he experiences: he believes in Santa Claus, he does not believe in Santa Claus and he is becoming a Santa Claus.

20. Recently all of my friends are becoming worry that they will behave like their fathers. While I’m worry that I am not.

21. Fathers do not usually teach their children how to live. However, he lived and make them watch him do it.

22. The only reason why every daughter loves their Dad the most is he is the only man who will never hurt her in this life.

23. A dad is the one who wants to protect you but still let you do whatever you like. And when you get hurt, his heart breaks in silence.

24. Child always looks up at the stars and make wishes. A great dad puts the child on his shoulder and teaches him how to grab the stars.

25. Small boys will become big men in some days and influenced by those big men who always care about their small boys.

26. A value of one man is understood through the way he teaches his children. Among what he gives them and what he takes away from them; among all the lessons he teaches them and the lessons that they have to learn by themselves.

27. The father should love his children so much for them to cry hard when he is gone. That is all the things that one dad should do.