girl quotes about best friends

How well do you know your best friend? You’ve been best friends since high school, or maybe you’ve only known each other for a year or two, but feel as though you’ve traveled through several lifetimes together. You think you know everything about the other that there is to know, but do you really? The next time the two of you are together, take this quiz and see just how much you know about the other’s quirks and whims.
Name your friend’s:

  1. Political party
  2. Middle name
  3. Favorite spectator sport
  4. Favorite season
  5. Favorite holiday
  6. Favorite author
  7. Favorite ice cream flavor
  8. List three items that she always carries in her purse


  1. List three things you would never fail to find in her refrigerator
  2. If she was stranded on a deserted island, what are the three things she couldn’t live without (besides food, water and loved ones)?
  3. What are her three favorite movies of all time?
  4. What is her shoe size?
  5. If she won a contest and the grand prize was the services of either a cook or a housekeeper for a year, which would she choose?
  6. When drying a load of towels, does she use fabric softener?
  7. What condiments does she put on a hot dog?
  8. List the names of her parents and siblings
  9. What is the name of her boss?
  10. Who are her most favorite and least favorite co-workers?
  11. If she was eating lunch in a restaurant and the food was inedible, would she:
    • a) Send it back
    • b) Eat it and not say anything to anyone, including you
    • c) Not eat it and when asked if the meal was okay, tell the truth
    • d) Not eat it and when asked if the meal was okay, say it was fine
  12. If someone were talking in a movie theater, would she:
    • a) Shush very loudly
    • b) Move to another section of the theater
    • c) Inform the manager
  13. What’s the most bizarre thing that ever happened to her on a date?
  14. If you were ordering a pizza for her, which toppings would she want?
  15. If she had to wear either short-shorts or a tube top, which would she choose?
  16. If she won the lottery, what is the first thing she’d buy for herself?
  17. Who did she have a crush on in grammar school?
  18. What would she say is the most fun the two of you have ever had together
  19. What would she say is your best quality?
  20. What would she say is her best quality?
  21. What would she say you admire most in her?
  22. What would she say she admires most in you?


Scoring: Each of you should score your answer sheet according to the guide below, then combine your scores for your Truth or Dare Quotient.

  • Questions 1-7: Score one point for every correct answer
  • Questions 8-11: Score one point for each item you answered correctly, for a maximum of three points per question
  • Questions 12-23: Score three points for every correct answer
  • Questions 24-30: Score five points for every correct answer

Truth or Dare Quotient:

  • 140 or over: If you were on “The Newlywed Game,” you would have won the new dinette set and the washer and dryer.
  • 115 -139: You know each other so well that you always pick out the perfect gift, plus you know enough about her to be able to thoroughly embarrass her in public.
  • 85-114: You have great times together, but how about a girls’ night in for a change? Spend some time really getting to know each other!
  • 84 or under: Where have you been all these years? You absolutely need to start paying attention to each other’s little quirks and habits