40 Most Funny Birthday Message To Wish In A Unique Manner

Do you have your brother’s birthday in a week? Do you wish to make your brother laugh on his birthday? It is not always necessary to make some serious birthday message for your brother or your father. It is now time to wish them in a unique manner as birthdays are equally special.

In the blog below, we have 40 most funny birthday wishes for your father. Read below and wish your family and friends in a unique manner.

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1. There are two old friends sitting on a park bench in a garden. After some time, one of the friends says to the other one, “Joe, You know that now I am 84 years old and so now I feel nothing else but only aches all over my body. May I know how are you feeling at 83 years?” Hearing this, the other one says, “I feel like I am a newborn baby” “How can you feel like a newborn baby?” “Because my friends I now have no teeth as well as no hair. Also, I feel like my pants are wet now” Happy Birthday old friend! Laugh out loud.

2. On this auspicious day, I just want to say that, “Always remember that age is just a number, which people out there use to represent how much attractive and happy your body is. So do not worry about age.” Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your life!

3. “You know what?” “What?” “I remember many hours of our school time studying history and physics, but I do not remember when is your birth date as it was clearly not in any of the courses of the school. So forgive me if I am late in wishing you truckloads of happiness.” Happy birthday old mate!

4. As you are growing old with every passing year, it is becoming very difficult for us to see the cake. It is due to the number of candles that are there on the cake. Happy birthday buddy! May you get all the happiness of the world.

5. As a friend, it is my duty to tell you that you are now forgetting things, which is a clear indication that now you are turning old. Despite the fact that you are turning old, it is our duty to wish you on time every year. Happy birthday to you. It was fun growing old with you.

6. As per the old people, as you grow old you start becoming wiser and smarter, but I think this is not the case with you. Try next year buddy again! Happy birthday.

7. Happy birthday social media bug! Just a reminder: You are now getting much closer to an age where you will start considering removing your age from all social media profiles.

8. Hey! Happy birthday, brother! I am extremely sorry for wishing you this late, but it is because I did not think that you will live this much long. Anyway, enjoy your day to the fullest.

9. It is a punishable act to forget to send gifts to your friend, and you seem to have committed this crime last year. So this year I am sending you a punishment: just a happy birthday wish is all that you get! Happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday old friend. Do not worry about getting older as I know that now also you will continue to do some random stupid things, but the only difference now will be that you will do it slowly.

11. Happy birthday, friend! It is good to take every birthday wish this year with a small grain of salt, and it is better if you get amargarita to accompany the salt.

12. Happy birthday to a friend who is old enough to solve his hardships by his own. It is a fact because at your time there was no Google through which you can find the solution to all of your problems.

13. On this special day of yours, I was thinking to make a perfect tequila cake for you. But as it turns out, now you only have a simple cake, and I seem to look like a drunkard in the whole party.

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14. It is better if you do not consider age as a factor on your birthday. Whenever somebody asks you your age, tell them that you are just 25 plus all the shipping and handling charges.

15. Today, on this auspicious day is the beginning of a new year with you, my old friend. Just a note to you: As per the reports, the person who has a number of birthdays also lives the longest on the earth. Fun fact, isn’t it? Happy birthday to one of my closest friends.

16. So, again the day arrives when you were born about 25 years ago. I wish you all the happiness and laughter on this special day of yours. I know it is a tradition to bring a birthday cake, but I did not bring it purposely as I am aware of the fact that you love a bottle of champagne more than a cake. Enjoy your day with this champagne and spread happiness like always.

17. Happy birthday to the one who is my constant support since long back. It is quite funny as you look prettier than ever. I am saying this because you still look like you are only 50 years old despite the fact that now you are 60 years old.

18. Happy birthday old friend. I know you look like you are almost 60 or maybe 70 years old but it is wrong. It is because your heart is quite young at age. If we start counting the age of your heart, then you are just 20 years old. Smile always.

19. Happy birthday, friend. I want to tell you that you have the sweetest smile. If there is ever an award for the best smile, then I am sure that you will receive it. I know you do not have teeth now, but it is good to smile always. Keep smiling and make others smile.

20. Today on this special day, I want to wish you a load of happiness and smiles. This is a very special cake for you on your day by me. I know you are old enough, but it will be great if you do not die before you even taste the most delicious cake.

21. It is a great tradition to go on a shopping spree on your birthday. I know it is a very difficult task to choose the best outfit for the special day and so I have a great idea. Why don’t we go it together so that it becomes easy for you?

22. Happy birthday to one of my oldest friends. Just a tip: It will be great if you start arranging bigger cake from next year so that we can see the cake and not just the candles.

23. Happy birthday, friend. Just so you, I am aware of the fact that you fear your birthdays the most. It is because people around you present you with scary messages and cards, and also they make you remember your age always. Anyway, enjoy your day to the fullest with me as I will not do any of these things.

24. Happy birthday! It is a fact that you are one of the best examples of how the old people have to start celebrating their birthdays. It is due to you are a food lover, but you cannot eat any of it because of the prescription by the doctor.

25. Happy birthday. People say that getting old is also an art and if this is a case, then I am sure that you are a connoisseur.

26. Happy birthday, brother. I respect you because you are expert in ruining things that are around you but somehow you do not ruin the cake that I cook for you every year with all my efforts. I love you and enjoy your day.

27. Happy birthday elder brother. I love you the most in the entire world for always staying and giving me lots of memories to cherish with me since childhood and also all the fights.

28. It is good if you do not decide your age by the size of the cake. No matter what size the cake is, you will get older every year.

29. I want to be the first person who wishes you on your birthday; I do not want anyone else to do it for me. Happy birthday and have a great day.

30. Happy birthday dear friend. I am smart enough as I make sure that I do not crack any age jokes as I am aware of the fact that it will hurt people like you. Enjoy your day.

31. Happy birthday. This is a special gift for you because it is more of a reminder that my birthday is now closer. So bring me lots of chocolates too. Enjoy your day.

32. Happy birthday long time friend. On this special day, I just hope that you do not have to face afinancial crisis at any point in time in your life.

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33. Happy birthday old friend. I hope that you soon realize that you are getting old for all the outdoor activities, including surfing.

34. It is a very special day for you. Just a pro tip: It will be good enough if you drink too much on your birthday eve than ever. It is due to the reason that you do not remember what your actual age is. Getting sad on your birthday is not at all acceptable.

35. On this extremely special day, I wish you all the happiness in theworld. On this birthday of yours, I just hope that you have a much better portrait of your life than it is on all of your social media accounts. Enjoy your day to the fullest and party hard.

36. Happy birthday buddy. As you are turning older year by year, it will be better if you start acting according to your age. Now you are old enough to act according to your shoe size. Grow old with no teeth but still keep smiling always. Spread as much happiness as you can.

37. Happy birthday oldest friend. Just a piece of advice: If you wish that I remember your birthday always then you have to start looking old. If you stay young, I will always consider you as a teenager and will neither wish you nor bring you cake and presents like this time. May your beauty grow old with you! Enjoy your birthday cake and hope you like the presents.

38. Happy birthday, dearest friend. In case you forget, I will always be there for you by your side like you 24 x 7 constant supports. Also, I will be present with a fire extinguisher in my hand in case your cake has more number of candles, and it gets out of control for the people surrounding you. Love you loads my oldest friend. Stay the way you are and spread happiness all around.

39. Happy birthday buddy. So that you know, there are some people who will remember your birthday while the others will only remember your age. I am one of your friends who will remember both of these things and will not only bring you loads of gifts for you but also not make mock in front of you for your age.

40. Happy birthday to one of my oldest friends. I am sending you loads of happiness, cake, and lovely presents. Also, I am sending you a piece of advice: Do not blow out the candles on the cake with too much force as there are chances that will lose your teeth while blowing the candles. Just kidding! Enjoy your day with the cake and gifts. Have a lovely day.

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