Interesting Questions To Get To Know Someone

Getting to know someone is not as easy as it sounds. You may find yourself having dates and making new friends many times, but the getting-to-know-you part just doesn’t seem to get any easier. Aside from running out of things to ask, both of your interests would eventually drop, and the entire conversation could end awkwardly. If you are on a first date or on the process of building rapport, you certainly don’t want that to happen. Luckily, there is a way for you to start and sustain an engaging conversation. You can begin by asking interesting questions to get to know someone.

To avoid boring queries and awkward gaps, you can try a few of these interesting questions:

What can make you very happy?

With the positive tone of this question, you can easily build rapport to the person. Hence, it is better to start off with a question like this. By focusing on what makes him happy, you can discuss on things that he enjoys and perhaps find a common interest.

What will I first see if I get into your house?

You should only ask this question only if you two are acquainted. Otherwise, a person may get the wrong impression and think that you have other motives besides making new friends. On the brighter side, this question lets you know how he spends his time at home. You might also discover if he has hobbies or collections.

Which would you prefer: beauty or brain?

You can ask this question on a date. This gives you a clue on his preferences of an ideal partner. From his answer, you will know if he values intelligence over physical appearance or the other way around.

Where would you haunt if you become a ghost?

This question is quite bizarre as compared to the other questions in this list. However, this question still proves to be very effective in knowing someone. With this, you get to assess a person’s level of humor. From his answers, you also get an overview on what he thinks about pranks and how he makes one.

When you are down, do you want to be left alone or to be cheered up by a friend?

This question gives you an insight on how the person acts when dealing with a problem. If you plan to spend more time with him or establish a long-term relationship, then his answers will definitely give you a hint on what to do when he faces a hard time.

How would you spend an immortal life?

Immortality means having an unlimited time to do just about anything. There are many things you could do with a lifetime. Once you ask this, the answers you are going to get are the person’s dreams and goals. You will definitely get a glimpse of their ideal lifestyle and most cherished dreams.

What is your favorite holiday?

This question may appear simple, but this will strike a person more than you expect. Holidays entail strong emotions and treasured memories. When you ask a person about their favorite holiday, not only will he recall certain scenarios but he will also remember the feelings he had with them. Also, by knowing how a person spends his holiday, you will know what type of person he is when it comes to family and celebrations.

If you were forced to choose, which of the five senses are you willing to give up?

This is yet another random question, and you will certainly be surprised with the answers you are going to get. If he chose the sense of touch, you could say that the person does not really care about the things he touches. If he chose his sense of taste, he might not really be fond of eating much. Whatever the response, it will give you further hints on what his preferences are and generally what kind of person he is.

What do you think about love?

Love is the best and most interesting topic you could have with acquaintances and even with strangers. When you talk about it, different topics just keep on coming. There is always something to talk about, and you two would never get tired of it. Also, by knowing his perceptions on love, you can grasp what kind of a lover he is and how much he values a relationship. This could be an ideal question for flirty first dates.

If you were to make three wishes, what would they be?

Talk about having a genie! Ask the person about the three wishes he would like to be granted right away. With this, you get to know his priorities and the things that matter most in his life. He might even share some of his strange wishes and desires.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

You can ask them about the time they had the ultimate adrenaline rush. When you ask this, you will only get two types of answers: the most extreme adventure he had or his most embarrassing experience. Either way, this will surely perk up the atmosphere and make the conversation more engaging.

What do you want to say to your younger self?

For a more serious tone, you ought to ask this question. This allows the person to look back on what he has done and what he has achieved. With this question, he can reveal his frustrations, the lessons learned, and the missed chances. You get to understand what he has been through and how he was able to deal with it.

If someone tells you about your future, what would you want to know?

This reflects the aspects that the person is so concerned about. From this, you will know the person’s major worries.

How do you imagine your death?

This may have a negative tone, but it is, nonetheless, very interesting. A person will show how he thinks his death will happen and how open he is to it. Also, he gets to share how he wants his death to be like and how he wants people to handle it.

What are you thinking right now?

In case things get slow, this question is a lifesaver! You can ask a person on what he is thinking about and pick up a topic from his answer. This way, you get to keep your conversation without actually looking like you are trying to.

When you start to get to know someone, you might feel a bit shy and hesitant. However, you should not let this stop you from asking a few questions. It may seem difficult at first, but as you go on, your conversation will eventually turn out to be a more natural and more casual one. However, you should be reminded that not everyone enjoys a good chat. Hence, make sure that you are asking appropriate questions to the right kind of people.

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