40 Beautiful ‘I Love You’ Quotes For Wife You Can Try

In our day to day life, we are so busy doing our work that we often forget to make our loved ones feel special. We have this tight schedule, routine to follow and we’re so busy doing that we forget to slow down.

More often than not, we bring our work home with us. Most of us have never taken the time to put efforts to make our partner feel loved. We often begin to take things for granted.

In marriage, it is important to make your partner feel loved and special now and then. The secret to keeping the love alive is in putting forth the efforts that you did when the love was new. Most of the time, husbands are so busy cultivating other commitments that they forget that they have a beautiful wife, who they should be made feel special.

Yes, we know not every day is Christmas and not every night is Thanksgiving. But, to keep the spark alive in your marriage, it is necessary you say I love you more often to your wife and tell her what she means to you. Feeling guilty, for not telling her this often? Don’t worry. It’s never too late.

A good husband should not wait for their wedding anniversary or the Valentine’s Day or his beloved wife’s birthday to say I love you or send love messages only on these special occasions. Though you have a busy life, your wife deserves some romantic words.

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Texting is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry. That’s why we are here with this amazing husband & wife quotes:

40 Beautiful ‘I Love You’ Quotes for Wife

1. “I often pinch myself to check whether I am dreaming because it’s unbelievable to have such a perfect wife like you and the perfect life that you’ve given me. I love you darling.”

Simply best way to tell your wife how lucky you’re to have someone so perfect and let her know that you love the way she is.

2. “From dating to wedding, from mortgage to kids, life has been a wonderful ride because you were there at my side, through it all. I love you forever.”

Send this because it’s just too adorable. This message is what your wife needs to read and it’s definitely going to make her love you more and more.

3. “I have been gymming for years to get a strong body. I have been working tirelessly so that I can afford the sports car. But out of all the things, nothing has boosted my ego like having a beautiful and sexy woman in my arms did. Wifey, I love you.”

This text message will surely boost her ego and confidence level. This text is something every wife wants to read.

4. “Perhaps the monotony of everyday has made us lose the charm that we two used to have, but I want you to know that you are the lady of my dreams and I don’t know what I would do without you by my side. You’re what I was looking for. I know I don’t tell you this very often, but I really love you.”

This text is just perfect for every husband who hasn’t made her wife feel special or told her how much you love her in a while. Get ready to make your wife smile so big.

5. “Of all the sweet things in the world, you are undoubtedly the sweetest. No one else would have made me feel the way you do. You rock my world and you know it. I love you and I’ll always do. Xoxo!”

Let your beloved wife be sweeter to you than ever before. Send this text to make her day.

6. “Loving you is the best thing I have ever done; if life is full of hurdles, I am ready to cross it if you’re at my side. Love me more and keep me in your heart, this is what I only want. You’re the love of my life and the reason why I smile.”

When you feel all lovey-dovey, send this message to your lovely wife. Let her know how important her love is and how you always want her to be at your side.

7. “Holding your hands is how I want to spend my whole life; it gives me the love of living and the joy of being; your sight gives me the peace and makes the world more beautiful than it is. I love you, baby.”

This text message perfectly describes your emotion and represents your love in a romantic way.

8. “Come on over. I have all your favorites ready. Fries, burgers and ME!!”

Cheeky and suggestive, isn’t it? Flirting is equally important to keep the spark alive. How can they turn down a menu that includes you as dessert?

9. “I can never get enough of you, even if I spent every single second with you. In truth, the more we see each other, the more I tend to like your company. I love you honey.”

Isn’t it one of the sugar-coatedthings you’ve ever read? Your wife would love to know that you love her company. It would ease her mind that she doesn’t annoy you much.

10. “All day I listen to people do the talking. But as soon as I get to hear the sweet voice of yours, all other noises around me seems inaudible – all I can listen to is the sweet voice that you have.”

This text is perfect to send your wife especially if you’re working in a customer service where people annoy you the whole day.

11. “To this world, you are just a person. But for me, you’re whole world. I love you my world.”

Now, that’s just downright adorable.

12. “It’s not my mistake I love you very much! It happens to be yours!”

This cute, adorable and the sweetest text is what your wife wants to read.

13. “I promise to always be at your side, or on top of you or under you!”

Naughty of course you want to be supportive in more than just emotional ways. Send this text while you’re in office and this text will get that job done.

14. “Do you know one thing? You make me feel nervous in a good way. In a really, really good way, I love you.”

Butterflies, short breaths, nervousness and stuttering the words...they are damn hot!

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15. “If words are not enough to say ‘I love you’, I will shower you with all my hugs and kisses.”

We all agree to the fact that sometimes it is just impossible to say ‘I love you’. There are not enough words in dictionary that could ever explain our love. And that’s where the kisses and hugs come in!

16. “Just like wine gets sweeter as it gets older, you keep getting so beautiful with age. I fall a little more in love with you with each passing day.”

Let your wife know that ever after she is aging you love her more and more with this adorable text.

17. “Your love gives me power to stay, to reach my every way, your love is like oxygen in my life, thank you my beautiful wife, I love you!”

It’s time to thank your wife for every single time she was there for you and supported you.

18. “You worth all of me; you deserve every moment of my life – morning, noon, and night.You worthy my today and tomorrow because you are one-and-only WIFE! I love you!”

With this message let your beloved wife know how you want to be with her every minute of the day.

19. “Words won’t be enough to describe what you mean to me. All I know is you are the center of my world and whole of my heart. I truly love you.”

You are the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, you are the last thing I see as I close my eyes at night, and I want to spend my life doing the same thing, spending day by day with you. Cause I love you so.

20. “Your love is priceless for me; I don’t know how I shall ever be able to recompense the love and affections that you’ve given all your life. For the tolerance, for the care, for the affection and for understanding me, thank you for making the world a better place to live. I love you.”

21. “My darling wife, my princess; may I dance with you to a music tune, which can last forever?”

22. “As long as you are with me, I don’t need any other possessions. You mean the world to me. Love you.”

23. “A girl like you is a rare gem which is impossible to find. Do you know how blessed I am to find someone like you?”

24. “I want to be your teddy bear for the rest of my life.”

25. “Teddy gets all the cuddling, and it is just not fair. Let your wife know you want to be the one she snuggles up at night or when she’s sad.”

26. “At the night, thesky filled with stars, you’re the one that shines so bright. Thank for being my moon and lighting the darkest hours of mine.”

27. “No matter how hard my day was, but your lovely smile makes everything right. I love you, dear wifey.”

28. “I love how I feel when I see you sleeping next to me. I love you, sweetheart.”

29. “Time can make everything old, but time has no control over our love; instead it becomes younger with age. What I love you is the truth of my life, and I will always be with you.”

30. “Some miles we both have crossed and made our canvas life beautiful, still a long way to go, I wish we both add many beautiful pictures in that canvas.”

31. “The precious moments of my life are all when you lean down your head on my shoulder and tell you cute and sweet complain to me. Your love makes every moment special to me. I love you.”

32. “Life is beautiful as you are with me; even sadness turns into happiness when shared with you. I love you with all my heart.”

33. “I don’t need Valentine’s Day to say it. Every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re with me. If nothing lasts forever, can I be your nothing?”

We have to admit this text is a bit on thecorny side, but that’s something about it that makes us giggle. Use these lovely words for your Valentine.

34. “Tell me from the core of your heart; what did I do to deserve you at my soul mate, my Wife… I need toensure I continue doing it to deserve you all my life!”

35. “You have this amazing way of making me happy no matter what. Love you my happiness.”

36. “I might not be the Superman, but I’ll always protect you.”

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37. “If I was a planet and you were the moon, I’d stop spinning just by looking at you.”

Did someone call for a super cheesy yet totally sweet message? Well here it is!

38. “Every minute spent away from you is the waste of my day.”

This is an awesome text to tell your wife just how badly you love her and want her beside you!

39. “You still give me butterflies to this day.”

Who said the butterflies had to go with the time? Let your baby know she still gives you warm and cozy feeling, even to this day.

40. “I love you = 831.8 letters, three words, and only one meaning.”

We bet you never knew that before you read this blog, right? How totally awesome is that?

To all the husbands who are reading this, use this text collection to make your wife feel loved now and then. Cause your wife may not tell you, but she wants to be pampered and awe-inspired. Pamper her and show her you can make a good husband.

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