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1. The connection between the husband and the wife is the relationship among closest friends.

2. Some people love getting married. It’s great to find out one special person that you want to be disturbed for the rest of your life.

3. A good husband definitely makes a good wife.

4. In a cheerful marriage, the wife stands for the wonderful climate while the husband stands for the beautiful landscape.

5. A long-lasted marriage is like two people going on dancing a duet and many solos at the same moment.

6. One interesting feature of marriage is that, when the husband and wife fall in love with each other, this will keep both together until they fall in love again.

7. There is no cozy connection than the relationship between the husband and wife.

8. A great marriage would be the marriage between a deaf husband and a blind wife.

9. A marriage is like a long-lasted journey. It goes right or wrong depends on how the husband and wife control it.

10. After getting married for a long time, the husband and wife become two sideways of a coin. Sometimes they just can’t deal with each other, but still stay together for the rest of life.

11. In a marriage, the husband and wife should quarrel sometimes – it will help them to get to know each other better.

12. Sometimes people fall in love not because of finding a perfect person, but by knowing one imperfect person entirely.

13. A woman always take about ten years to change one man’s habits and then blame on a man that he is not the one she married.

14. A perfect wife is the one who take care of her husband as a mother, love him like a sister does.

15. In a marriage, a real man always loves his wife and put his family as the first essential thing in life. Nothing has made people please than being a perfect husband and father.

16. As you know, falling in love with the husband was the wonderful thing that happened to the wife.

17. All things that both a husband and wife really want are to be forgiven a little, encouraged a little and loved a little.

18. To meet your husband is an art, to keep him for the rest of your life is a job.

19. The best thing one woman should do is to be a distraction. One man breaths and works all day long. The wife just need to give the husband some spaces to relax instead of thumping on table.

20. Seeing every husband become a great father is really meaningful and awesome.

21. One successful husband is the one who can earn more money than the amount of money his wife spends. A successful wife is the one who can find that husband.

22. To hold a husband, the wife should have understanding instead of beauty.

23. Love and truthful are two things that create a perfect wife and mother.

24. When the wife can deal with a lot of works in her real like, she is less likely to focus on the imperfections of her husband.

25. The safe place in the world is in the arms of husband or wife who will not only hold you at your best, but will help you stand up and fight against these challenges.

26. In one marriage, it would be better if both the husband and wife clearly got the idea that they are on the same side.

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