1. Proper Hygiene

One of the most important tips of all is taking proper care of yourself. It is necessary to be conscious of your hygiene. Who would be turned on if their girlfriend stinks, right? Nobody wants to snuggle his sweetheart on a bed with her smelling all filthy and sweaty. It would be very embarrassing if your guy complains about you being gross. Of course, guys don’t like it even though they are like that most of the time.

2. Be confident and feel sexy

Who wouldn’t be turned on by a girl who is confidently beautiful and feels sexy about herself? Girls should remember that confidence is the key to winning a man’s heart. All people have their flaws. But despite this, you ought to handle and embrace yours with complete grace. Thus, show out that picture-perfect smile and sway that charisma, as you enter the room and have all the other guys, stare at you, making your man desire you more.

3. Show some skin

If you are off for a date with your guy, make sure to show off some skin. Showing off some skin needs careful planning on the part of every girl. You can’t just throw in a sexy dress without considering some limitations. As Jen Rade, stylist of Angelina Jolie, once said, “Choose one and only one body part and show it off. So, if you are already showing some cleavage, don’t show your legs anymore.” Keep it proportional. Look sexy yet do not give out too much.

4. Make your man feel desired

By appreciating and complimenting him more often, your man will surely feel desired and loved. It is important to make him feel confident about himself and to let him know that you like him in every way. Speak out about what is great about him physically or speak out about how great he is in bed. You can emphasize more on some of his physical traits like having desirable rock-hard abs or having attractive broad shoulders. Consequently, this will make your guy love you even more and get frightened of losing the girl that appreciates him so much. After having your man feel desired, it will surely turn him on. With this, he will certainly give you back the favor and invite you to bed. Trust me, he will!

5. Flirt with him

Play with your hair while talking with your man. Research says that a woman’s hair can effectively affect a man’s sensual emotions which, in other words, turns him on. So, if you have good straight hair, lucky you! Brush your hair with your fingers gently and sexily through your scalp and get that reaction you have been waiting for.

Also, wear something red. It is said that red is the color of sexual desire. It would signal to your guy that you are sexually active and that you are ready for some kinky action.

6. Use words to make him fall

Words can be a powerful tool to ignite your man’s mood. It is the choice of words that makes it effective. You can use some statements like, “You have to try harder than that to win me over”.

This is just simple, yet it can lure any guy. By saying this, you are challenging your man. A challenge like that is simply irresistible to most guys. It also shows that you are not as easy to get as he thinks you are. It gives him the element of challenge that he has to do better to get under you.

7. Flirt with other guys

Being desired by other males makes you more valuable to your man and makes him desire you more. Knowing that other guys also want to get your attention, your man would become protective over you and would even want all the attention that other guys are trying to get. He will then satisfy you more to make you stay as his girl and make those other dudes drool in jealousy.

8. Reveal your wild side

A sweet girlfriend is nice, but, sometimes, being too nice can be too dull. Guys want their girls to be a little bit of both—naughty and nice. They want their girl to reveal a little wildness in bed. Despite being simple or timid out in the open, showing that you can be naughty when alone can surely turn your guy on.

9. Experiment with him

Take your sexual experience to the next level. Keep new things coming to spice up the mood. You can experiment with new things you have not tried before. You can suggest a daring move, or let him lead on new positions. It is up to you and your guy on how to make it extra exciting.

10. Be yourself

The last and best way to turn your man on is by being yourself. Guys don’t like pretentious girls. All they want is a girl who confidently shows who she is when she is with his man and not worrying about what he would say. Though this might cancel out some of the given tips above, it is always better, to be honest about yourself and the guy you love.

There are still many ideas on how to turn your guy on. Those aforementioned are just some of many things you could do to excite your man’s mood. It just depends on your creativity and willingness. What you can do will range from simple tricks to extreme moves just to get your guy turned on. Either way, what is really important is to let his body react the way you want it to. This way, you can have the control you want over his mood and senses. Also, this allows you to manipulate his actions and make him do what you like him to do by continuously seducing him. With this, not only do you get to indulge yourself with the sexual pleasures and the power to control, but you also get to please your man and make him feel like he’s the luckiest lad alive.