Happy birthday wishes

Happy birthday

1. Hope your birthday be fulfilled with the bliss of smile, the harmony of joyfulness and the sharing of happiness.

2. Wish you a wonderful birthday and the next year will be filled with both remarkable surprises and long-lasted memories. Happy Birthday.

3. Now you are getting older but still haven’t changed much. It’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. Have a great birthday.

4. Set the world on fire among your beautiful dreams and light up all the candles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

5. I am thinking of you and giving all the best wishes. Hope those dreams as fantastic as you are, you deserve the all best things and nothing less.

6. You are opening a new chapter of your life. But it can’t wait until you are getting older. Take joy in another year of the youth. Happy birthday.

7. Everyone in this world might want to say happy birthday to you. But at this moment, you can get the first greeting from me. Happy birthday.

8. You don’t have to grow up, you don’t have to grow old, just have a happy birthday.

9. Hope your day be full of sunshine and raindrop, waterfalls and deserts, butterflies and bees that life has offer.

10. Some people seem old but feel young. Some people seem young but feel old. We seem young and feel young. Today feels great to party on your birthday doesn’t it?

11. The most cheerful person is the person with impressive ideas and we become happier as we older. Have a great birthday.

12. Time always passes away too fast to take those years back again. You are only young once so live it to the fullest.

13. These candles on your cake won’t start to sparkle if you don’t light them up, but that isn’t what candles are for. Keep lighting up this world on your birthday.

14. May all the birds sing and flowers cover up the road to a happy life as you celebrate your birthday.

15. Cherish all experiences that happen in each day of your life. Cherish events that just come once per year. Happy birthday.

16. Your sweet characteristic and thoughtful heart are parts of what makes you special to me and other people. Just want to wish you a wonderful birthday and a year of happiness.

17. Hope your birthday will be awesome, because it is a great reason for us to celebrate.

18. Hope that your day are fulfilled with meaningful moments and enchanted thoughts. Happy birthday.

19. Just want to say that I really wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

20. Someday you will be put on a list of famous people who have the same birthday with yours. For the time being, you are now on my list of favorite people. Happy birthday.

21. On this day, hope you will never forget what is worth remembering or remember what is best to forget.

22. Have a great birthday. Hope your day is full of love, joy and happiness. Let’s have tons of fun. We love you forever.

23. I hope you will get what you wish for when blowing out all the candles. I can only wish for you what I wish every year – hope you enjoy all the good things in life. Happy birthday!!

24. Hope you will have good times and good friends wherever you go to. Enjoy your day.

25. Wish you always have enough bliss to keep you sweet, enough challenges to make you better, enough achievement to keep you trying, enough courage to make each day better. Happy birthday.

26. Blowing out one more candle means that you have enjoyed a new year and made a world a better place. Make every day become fantastic.

27. Hope you have a great birthday party, and hope the next year will be twice as good.

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