35 Cute And Lovely Good Morning Messages For Him!

Sometimes, getting up in the morning is a difficult decision, and all we want is to sleep more. Starting a new day is not an easy task unless you are a ‘morning person’. People wake up in a bad mood or a bit irritated because they have classes to attend, have work to do or live their daily life.

But, things change when you’ve got a crush on someone, or you’re in love with someone. When this happens, the very first thought when we’re barely able to open our eyes is theirs. We are thankful for the technologies and easy access they provide.

We can stay connected to the love of our lives just by a single click, or a single tweet or a single message. Yes, the last one is the popular and favorite one. As sweet, good morning messages are essential for all kind of relationship: be it a start of a relationship, couples to be or married ones.

We girls love to feel special, don’t we? But in an attempt to feel special, we often forget that our boyfriends or husbands also deserve to feel special. They deserve to be pampered, too. Making him smile is not as difficult as you think, but what important is to say right things at the right time.

Finding new ways to make him feel special, buying expensive gifts is not necessary. A small cute, good morning text can make him smile, too. And as we already know, words are so strong. Right words can make him love you more. So, use it wisely

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There are many different types of good morning messages for him, but it’s hard to come up with right words all by you, right? Don’t worry; you’ve come to right place. Here in this article, you can find out cute things to say to your boyfriend and dirty question for your boyfriend that you can ask. Here in this article, we’ll not give you just 5 or 10 good morning messages, but 35 whole new good morning messages. And they’re as following:

35 Cute and Lovely Good Morning Messages for Him

1) As I wake up each morning, all I want is to see you. Good Morning, baby! Hugged you and kissed you in my dreams, hope you felt it.

2) While I roll on my bed, I dreamt of you, remembering the romantic things you whispered in my ear. With every single breath I breathe, you are the one whose name I think. Good morning, honey!

3) Why have mornings to start so early? I want to dream about the man who always makes me feel weak in knees. Good morning. XOXO.

Just loving you makes each morning worth waking up. Good Morning, Love.


Mornings could be hard, but the thought that you could talk to your man in real and not just in dreams makes it easier. This message would make him smile because it would let him know, he is important to somebody and not just casual somebody: he matters to the girl of his dreams!

5) Each morning makes me realize how fortunate I am to have somebody like you by my side. Good morning.

Generally, when we wake up we are a bit unsteady and unstable. But isn’t it felt amazing that you are still able to realize how lucky you’re to have him? Yeah, we know it’s a bit cheesy, but if your man is trying hard to make you feel like a queen that you already are, It’s worth telling him. If you’re searching the cute way to tell him you value him, this message is perfect.

6) I love you more than I love my coffee. Just can’t do without you.

Just like another girl, are you a girl too, who loves coffee more than anything else and coffee is your inherent part? Your boyfriend already knows this, right? He would be thrilled to know that you love him more than your coffee and would smile. This text is perfect for you girls who want to let your boyfriends know that you care without being too emotional.

7) Woke up cursing my alarm, it stopped me having the dream ofyou, but then I smiled because now I can do the talking in reality.

Hate your alarm for not letting you talk to the man of your life in the dreams? It’s a yay, isn’t it? We understand that you love talking to him so much, but talking to him, in reality,is much better. Let him know how much you love talking to him by sending this awesome good morning message.

8) I want to start my each morning seeing you smile at me because without you every morning is incomplete. Wish you good morning, baby. I love you so much. Have a great day.

(Who doesn’t want to wake up next to the love of their life, you too right? Waking up and seeing the smile of your love is probably the best feeling ever, isn’t it? Tell him how badly you want him close to you and how much you love him, by texting this cute text.

9) Want to make your coffee perfect, honey? Just add a few my hugs and a piling spoonful of my love.

These silvery clouds are making me feel like staying back in bed and cuddle with you, but since you are not here, I’ll try to go about my day.

When it’s raining outside or just glum, and you’re missing him. You can send this text to him which would make him miss you too.

11) Hello, Mr. what color boxer are you wearing?

When you’re in a naughty mood and want to tease him a bit, you can ask this naughty question and make his morning better.

12) Good morning to the hottest man alive.

Let him know that he is the only one that you find appealing. This message with the compliment will surely make his day.

13) Knock, knock sleepyhead! It’s time to wake up!

Want to make your man laugh and want to act silly? This message is just perfect.

14) Can’t wait for the day when I’ll be waking up next to you.

This text will give him the hint how serious you are about the relationship. You want to wake up next to him, don’t you? So, you love him and want to be with him for the rest of the life?

15) It was chilly outside when I woke up, but just the single thought of you warmed me right up. A very good morning, sweetheart.

He’s able to make you feel warm and goofy, even when you’re apart? Wow, he’s your superhero, isn’t he? This adorable, cute little text is what he probably wants to read when he wakes up.

16) Hey, hot stuff!!! Wake up! Miss you so much.

Well, this is the text that will boost your man’s ego immediately. So, it’s a must!

17) Wow! Going to be a wonderful day. Picnic at the park?

Ask your man out, plan and have a blissful day. And if it’s rainy outside, say something like it’s dark outside. Let’s just hit a movie hall or stay indoors.

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18) Wake up the love of my life!

It is because you can’t wait anymore. He’s going to love this.

19) If you were here or I was there, I would have woken you up with a bunch of kisses.

Don’t be astonished if he asks you about spending a night with him, after this text.

20) Hey, handsome! How you are doing this morning?

Even of his having a bad morning, this text will make his morning good.

21) Yours smile the best I’ve ever come across. Wishing you a morning like your smile: ALL BRIGHT!

This great text will make him more confident. A compliment and a good morning, in one sentence, cannot go wrong. This is the text everybody loves to read.

22) Your hoodie was so comfortable last night; I wonder how I’m going to ever sleep with not having it?

When he gave you his sweatshirt to wear, and you can’t get over how his hoodie smelled. This message is all you got to send.

23) I hate this morning! These are the loneliest time of the day because this is the time when I need to feel your warmth, hug you and kiss you. Ugh! Dying to see you.

This will him excite to meet you! And will also remind him how much you love his kisses and hugs: which will cause you one thing, bunch of kisses and tight hugs when you two finally meet up.

24) You know one thing? My pillow seems to hate you as I want it to be replaced with your shoulder. Maybe one day...

Not typical good morning text but quite funny and cute. Trust us; he is going to love this funny, cute text.

25) You were coffee beans in your past lifetime, weren’t you? Oh, yes you have to be because, without you, my mornings just don’t start.

Just send it because it’s hilarious!

26) Good luck (your guy’s name). I believe in you.

Because there is nothing better than coming across the text ‘good luck’ from the person you adore the most. This will give him the strength and oomph in whatever he’s doing.


Hey you, sleepyhead! It’s already morning. Wake up, have coffee, eat toasts, and brush your teeth and get ready to have my lips pressed on yours!

Isn’t it just too adorable? Who doesn’t want a kiss the moment they wake up? Get ready to your guy smiling.

28) Other girls need makeup to feel confident; I just need you.

Let him know how his support boosts your confidence like nothing else!

29) You’re worth the miles separating us. Can’t wait to be with you.

When he’s far away, tell him even when he’s apart you still want to be with him with this cute little text.

30) Waking up every morning knowing that you’re mine, light up my day brighter than the sun could ever be. Good morning my love.

Because it feels so good when you can finally say somebody belongs to you.This text will make him feel all loved.

31) It doesn’t matter what I start my day with, tea or coffee, the way I feel with you is just not comparable.

We all love to wake up to apoem-ish message like this, don’t we? Brighten up his day with this amazing text.

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32) Wishing best of the morning to the guy who always fulfills all my desires and made my life happier and joyful.

This is anall-in-one type of a good morning message; this will not only boost his ego but will also make him smile. Let him know how great he is as a person and what he means to you. Perfect combination, isn’t it?

33) Wish you have a great day.

Wishing your man in an easy way shows him that you do care for him. This is a message that can be used now and then!

34) Yes, because every day is going to be joyous when you’re at my side. Good Morning Sweetheart!

Your man may not say it, but he will go ‘aww’ the moment he reads this. Too sweet to handle, isn’t it?

35) Alert! The most handsome man on this planet earth has woken up!

Idiotic, right? But this text is really good for his ego. This message will make him giggle a bit. And of course, the confidence he needed.

Your guy may not admit it girls, but trust us they also love being appreciated. Life is made easier and better just by sending cute, lovely and romantic texts. Use this collection of lovey-dovey romantic texts to make your man smile all day long.

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