40 Funny Birthday Messages For Men That Will Make You Giggle For Sure

As human beings, each of us has birth and death. But birth is the solitary affair that we love to celebrate a birthday is one of the joyful occasion in everyone's lifetime. Birthday wishes and celebration is the most memorable thing in the universe. Let us celebrate of our most treasured gemstone of our lifetime.

A perfect love between sister and brother relationship, celebrating Birthday shows and indicate how important you are to us Birthday not just day of observing the day of remembrance is.

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Sister and older brother

Birthday means paradise, jollity, cheerfulness, delight, enjoyment, intoxication, blessedness, bliss, and warm fuzzies. A birthday is not just a day of festivity. When you were given birth, you smiled a lot. Even so, your mother cried. Maintain in mind that your celebration day is the daytime of your mother’s pain and weeping eyes.

Dazzle your Birthday with fun and festivity. Enjoy celebrating your Birthday with your acquaintances and kin. A birthday without celebration is incomplete. In elder days, Birthday wishes sent a letter, but nowadays wishes and the celebration begins in text form, in social websites.

Thither are many funny wishes to share with your acquaintances and loved ones. Take in your loved one's Birthday more special please don't send sentimental quotes to your friends, best advice on your Birthday; please assign a schedule on your Birthday Please celebrate your Birthday, sometimes new thing always happens on your Birthday.

40 Funny Birthday Messages for Men that will Make You Giggle for Sure

40 Funny Birthday Messages For Men That Will Make You Giggle For Sure

40 Funny Birthday Messages For Men That Will Make You Giggle For Sure

  1. Oh, my big brother, you become older because I could watch the furrows on your facial expression. If I couldn’t notice any wrinkles, I won’t be happy. Do you know why that happens? It is because those wrinkles are from your cheeks which indicate that you are smiling. (Isn’t this an excellent birthday message for your brother?)
  2. Hey brother, Come and have a look at our garden. You can see the trees you planted. Of course, the flowers are spectacular too. Can you realize that these plants and blossoms have turned old and fat just like you? Happy blog birthday!
  3. Felicitation! Your birthday is coming, but still, you don't have a lady to celebrate with you so please this your last chance to get a lady to date with you Because older and crossing the age of dating time.
  4. Quit counting your wrinkles because you already become old enough now. Thus, count the number of candles placed on the cake. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear pal!
  5. Today will be my last lie as your birthday gift. All these years I was telling you lies that you are looking so young than the last year.
  6. I guess this year we must need a good deal of financial support. Do you know why? The cake that we have ordered is too expensive because the net weight of the cake is your age. So, could you lend me your ATM card dear birthday boy?
  7. At least wake up early because it is your birthday. Since it is your birthday the candles, cakes, your friends, and relatives are waiting to see your crease face. My dear, you become old of course this your 60th birthday.
  8. My wishes are ready for the youngest person in this whole world. Happy birthday, my dear young boy, you have successfully turned 72 by this year, and I can still see the young blood that runs slow in your veins.
  9. You can imagine and wait for your gifts, kisses, romantic quotes, and lovely girls for a date. However, all those things are waiting for you not in reality, but in your dreams. At least enjoy in your dreams, since in reality, nothing is going to happen.
  10. Hundreds of ceiling fans are waiting to blow your candles because only your energy is not enough to blow candles. Therefore, I wish Happy Birthday to such a strongest person in the world who can even blow his birthday candles.
  11. Dear brother, I know that you are would not believe me. However, the Superman, Batman, and Hulk are waiting outside at our doorstep to celebrate your birthday in the Sky. The Hulk is having your cake make sure that you go there fast or else, Hulk will eat your birthday cake.
  12. Have you ever hear of the poison that visits every year on your birthday. The poison that I am talking about will steal your life span. Yes, the poison is your birthday. It steals your age and makes you old and old.
  13. Happy Birthday! My dear boring brother you become dirtier than last year. The old year has got over; now take a bath because it's your birthday. Now your new age enters now. I am sure that you will not take a bath until this year gets over.
  14. Please, brother does not bother because we don't have money to buy cakes for you. There are only muffins to celebrate.
  15. All I want in this world is your laughter and smile. Today it's your birthday, and I want you to smile and laugh a lot. But when you laugh I feel like fainting because you still didn’t brush your teeth. Go and brush your teeth man.
  16. We went to the cake shop and bought the best cake with cream filled. The cake looks very attractive and makes our mouth water with saliva. As we were returning home, we both were hungry. So, we ate the cake and celebrated your birthday without you.
  17. I have searched all nook and corner from all you wishes. You are very unlucky my dear because you have received thousands of wishes only from the boys not even a single wish from a girl because you have turned old.
  18. Don't split water from your mouth cake is prepared two days before please close your bunny teeth.
  19. Wish you a very happy birthday and welcome to you to this world. Sorry honey I do not wish you. Instead, I wish your faded hair and folding wrinkles. You get a birthday every year, so the wishes are for them.
  20. Wake up and march yourself to the washroom. Shave your beard and groom your hair. It time to count the wrinkles on your face because it is your birthday.
  21. I am congratulating you on your birthday for becoming old.
  22. When you grow, your nose also grows and your sensory of smell increases. I think you can smell your birthday cake, the baking smell of the flour. But, it is so sad, to tell the truth, that they are just the fragrance with that essence not the real smell from the dishes.
  23. For this birthday, I am going to give you a very special gift, and the gift will save you from your bladder explosion over your body. The gift is panties dear newborn.
  24. Every year your birthday comes. Your beautiful birthday comes with a cake. To make this birthday more unforgettable, I have planned something, and it is the birthday is for you, the cake is for us.
  25. Surprise! Every year we will celebrate your birthday party with cakes and wine with you. But, this year there is a big change in your celebration, and it is celebrating the birthday with cakes and wine without you.
  26. I think a colorful cake makes your birthday dark because of financial problems. So we make cakes with black sauce to make your Birthday colorful because a little penny is enough to buy black sauce.
  27. We all wish you a very prosperous birthday with all blessings from heaven. You must stay happy, but we are not happy still because you didn’t hand over your ATM card for us to celebrate. So my dear friend hand over the debit card for us to part.
  28. We have planned you to celebrate your birthday with a grand celebration. We thought of buying you roses, cakes, and balloons. However, they are too expensive. I have decided to give you one gift, and the gift is my wishes for your birthday.
  29. Stop thinking and put a full stop to all your works today because your mind needs present call rest and your mouth needs some present call cakes, ice creams, and all foods. But, I am sorry to say that I have nothing to buy for you. Anyways, happy birthday!
  30. When another guess, your age, it will be real sticky. Thus, wear the outfit that makes your look very young and so that present yourself as if you are just born today. Make your birthday very difficult to find your age. Happy 50th birthday dad.
  31. There are two types of birthdays. Ace is the cheese birthday, and the other is a wine type birthday. Keep a birthday with wine. Let everyone party hard, dance with bumps and pumps, but not like cheese. It will be meager.
  32. People will celebrate a birthday with the birthday baby. It’s also old-fashioned and boring affair. I am dying to observe your birthday with the great cakes, ice creams, wine, burger, and all eating stuff. It is your birthday with showers of food.
  33. Everyone will wish on the day of the person’s birth. Do you believe that it is so limited? There is no uniqueness in their ministries. Hence, I possess a magnificent thought to wish you on the following day of your birthday. I am a smart wish for your birthday. Happy birthday to you!
  34. We would have some enemies. Though we have them, today is the day that their curses die. I mean that today all your curses turn into blessings because you are starting to give them chocolates. Hooray! Happy birthday handsome young man!
  35. We human beings are quite dangerous fellows. When it comes to men, they are obvious dangerous because, they want us to spend for their birthday. These come in the form of tax gifts. However, I have bought you some present. Happy birthday to you!
  36. You have entered 52, why should we celebrate 52. Instead of 52 let’s turn on the candle to 25. You are always young dad. We shall light up a cake with 52-kilo grams of weight and 25 candles over it. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dad!
  37. You will engender a day away from your boss during the working days. Nevertheless, today is your birthday, and it's 12 am, wake up to collect your wishes. You can never hold an off from your birthday wishes. Happy happy birthday to you!
  38. I would like to share a confidential rule on birthday celebrations. If you do this, obviously, you will live for a long time. All you have to do is, arrange wine and all party items for us to enjoy you will live a long life.
  39. I beg you. It is highly dangerous when you eat cakes, barbecues, deserts, and all edible items on your birthday without me. If you are eating without me, you will regret it. Happy Birthday, dude!
  40. Do you know my friend? It is your birthday. I am ready to share my happiness, my love and even my sadness I am ready to share it. However, I will never share the cake and the wine that you are going to serve for your birthday.
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Happy Birthday, Brother!

We all celebrate our birthday every year. Though we celebrate, we usually send or give the traditional and conventional gifts or birthday quotes. Stop sending those conventions and start cracking jokes to make them happy.

All men include even your father. The birthday wishes for your father will give him the best moments in his life. Only humans are distinctive than animals because only humans beings can alone laugh and smile in all living creatures. Thus, you can make a wish that makes them remember and keep some smile on their faces.

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