Top 12 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

One of the best things that can spice up and strengthen any relationship is the power of words. If you’re the kind of girlfriend who is good with words and knows exactly the cute things to say to your boyfriend, you have to keep that up because boys do love every single compliment and sweet talks you make. On the other hand, if you are the type of girlfriend who isn’t very good with endearments and flatteries, perhaps it’s the best time to practice expressing your thoughts more lovingly to your significant other.

The following are 10 of the best things to say to your boyfriend that can most likely make him fall in love deeper with you.

Top cute things to say to your boyfriend

1. You’re not just my boyfriend. You’re also my best friend

A relationship is more meaningful if your bond goes beyond the physical attachment. Once you start to genuinely feel like your boyfriend is also becoming your best friend, don’t hesitate to tell him so. He will be so happy knowing that he completes everything you need. Being a friend and a lover to her woman is a big pride for men.

2. I never feel like I have to hold back when talking to you.

Top cute things to say to your boyfriend

Once a boyfriend hears these words from his girl, he’ll be filled with bliss knowing how comfortable you actually are around him. It will also make him feel like you are already showing your true self throughout your relationship. This is a good thing for the both of you.

3. You make me laugh harder than anyone else

You make me laugh harder than anyone else

No man is happier than one who knows he’s the best man that can bring the biggest smile to his beloved. This makes him feel confident that no other man trying to stick around can match his charm and sense of humor when around you.

4. My friends are jealous of me for having such a perfect relationship with you.

Saying this will remind your man that he’s doing great in keeping you and your relationship. This will also make him feel appreciated and will inspire him to keep up everything good he’s been doing. When other people see your relationship as perfect, it will most importantly remind the both of you how lucky you are for having each other.

5. Gosh, you look so handsome. All the girls here are staring at you!

Top cute things to say to your boyfriend

I know a lot of girls who get angry instead of proud when other girls check their boyfriend out. Don’t be like them. The more paranoid you are, the more distant he will be from you eventually. Saying this will make your man realize that you are the kind of girl who is confident about herself and is not threatened by other girls around. This will let him know that you adore him and trust his love.

6. I like you just the way you are.

If you love the things that your boyfriend doesn’t have, chances are your relationship just won’t work. However, once you can sincerely say that you like him just the way he is, you have already totally accepted him of what he is and what he has. Appreciating him fully and not expecting too much will make him see you as someone whom he can be with for life.

7. I’m so lucky to have you.

Top cute things to say to your boyfriend

Letting your man know that you cherish him and you’re thankful for having him in your life brings him one of the best feelings in the world. Make your boyfriend feel your gratitude for having him, and treat him like a gift that you would want to keep forever.

8. You have made me a better person

A relationship is healthy and is bound to last if the both of you grow in it. Once you say these words to your boyfriend, it makes him feel like he has a positive impact on you. This makes him feel good about himself and makes him realize that he’s been a good influence to you all along.

9. You’re so good with words. I just hope you do not always talk this way to other girls you know.

Contrary to number 5, this might seem like you’re a clingy and possessive girlfriend who doesn’t want your guy to talk to other girls. But that is not the point here. The point is guys sometimes love it when they feel like you’re scared of losing them. Just don’t overdo it to the point of paranoia. If you want to give a hint to your boyfriend that you hate the thought of losing him, you can say something like this from time to time or when the situation calls for it.

10. I still have a crush on you

Top cute things to say to your boyfriend

Your relationship will remain exciting if you remind him that you still have a crush on him even after years of being in a relationship and even after so many dates and moments spent together. This will make him feel at ease knowing that unlike other relationships that usually get boring in time, yours remains exciting and romantic. If you really are someone who still has a crush on her partner even after all these years, you really are a lucky one-- and your guy is even luckier.

11. I can’t stop caring for you.

This will surely make your man special and treasured. He will feel your care when you say it and when you show it. Especially when your man feels down, you should lift him up and say the words that will make him curve his lips out of bliss.

12. I love you.

I love you

You might think that this should be a default. However, among all the words that could ever come out of your mouth, a sweet and sincere “I Love You” remains unbeatable. Each time you feel the gush of love, look at him in the eyes, draw and lean close to his ears, and slowly whisper these words by heart. It will melt him to the core.

There are many cute things to say to your boyfriend. The ones I mentioned above are just some of the many words you can use to show him your love, appreciation, and care. The most important thing here is your sincerity. If you say these words from the bottom of your heart, your man will feel its value all the more. And once you say these kinds of words sincerely, your relationship will flourish and last a lifetime. On top of words, you must also never forget to show love through action. It’s louder than words and is more powerful than anything else.

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