1. Thank you for giving me tons of meaningful childhood memories. Happy Birthday to the greatest brother in the world.

2. The time we grew up together is wonderful. I smiled with you, I cried with you, and I had memories about you. All of this is to remind me about you. Happy birthday.

3. On your birthday, although miles may keep us apart you will always stay in my heart. Have a wonderful day.

4. Many people are not lucky enough to find one best friend in their brother. But I am. I love you, my dear.

5. Wishing you nothing but all the best things on your special day, my brother.

6. Whenever I was sad, you made me smile. Whenever I stumbled, you picked me up. Whenever I got in trouble, you helped me out. Missing you on your birthday, brother.

7. Your special day makes me remember our childhood memories for ages. Although we had many misunderstandings, you have always been good to me. Happy birthday.

8. Happy birthday to the second great present from mother. Happy birthday to you, my brother.

9. I am the luckiest person in this world to have a great brother like you. You have been such a wonderful friend and support, and take care of my daily life. Wishing you all the best.

10. During the whole year, there are many wishes but some people are only interested in birthday wishes. Sending you my warm wishes from the bottom of my heart, brother.

11. May each day, hour, and minute in your life is full of fun, happiness, and love. I love you.

12. If someone told me to choose between tons of treasures and the love of my brother, I would definitely go for you. In this world, there is nothing that can compare with my brother. Happy birthday.

13. Have a great birthday brother. May God bless every day in your with a glimmer of sun, a touch of hope, and a drop of love.

14. No one can fit in the shoes of a beloved brother like you. Thank you for giving me the love in my life and being the ideal brother.

15. You are the greatest brother I have ever had in this life. Always gain luck in all the things you do. Wish you a very happy birthday.

16. You are always beside me all the time we are together. Although we had misunderstandings and fight against each other, I still love you with all my heart. Happy birthday my dear brother.

17. My brother is a powerful superhero. His special ability is being a great brother. Happy Birthday.

18. Friends are hard to find instead of brothers but a brother is a valuable friend. Have a great day my dear.

19. Thank you for always being beside me all the years. Thanks for all the encouragement, advice, and love you gave to me in life. Happy Birthday.

20. When growing up together we always find it is better to get along in many different ways. Thanks for being the best brother in the world.

21. Wish you a meaningful and enjoyable year ahead. Hope God will love and take care of you, as you have done for me. Happy birthday.

22. Remember that today many people are glad that you were born. So have a great birthday and enjoy the meaningful year ahead.

23. On your special day, just want to thank you for all the helpful things you have done for me. Your love, care, and your kindness. I wish you all the best.

24. I really love you because you are a great man. Congratulations on your birthday and many more events in your future life.

25. My love for you will grow bigger every single year in the future because you are my lovely brother. Happy Birthday.

26. Sometimes in each individual life, you just need a patient person who can listen and encourage. Thank you for always being beside me when I needed you. Have a great birthday brother!

27. Sometimes we fight against each other and argue about problems but I will always miss you when you are not around. Happy birthday, my dear.

28. In this world there are a lot of troubles; however, I know I can get over them when having you by my side. Today give me the chance to wish you all the good things in life.

29. Happy Birthday. I hope you will love your life and never stop dreaming. May luck and happiness always surround you.