I have tried to bring some of my emotions and some of the general feeling that everyone experiences, below:

1. “So, what if it’s over? Life hasn’t ended. Surely everyone faces obstacles, but you are lucky, your soul mate is out there, waiting for you. Be patient! Your life is going to change again soon.“

2. “And suddenly life takes a turn, and it’s bad, pretty bad than I ever imagined. Changes are hard to digest.“

3. “Why won’t you message him, if you are missing him so much?” asked a friend. I replied, “Sometimes, self-respect clouds all the love that you have for your partner and you can’t afford to get betrayed again and again.“

4. “What has changed? Have I changed? Have I done something wrong? Or you have lost interest in m? Or have you found someone better?“

5. “If we aren’t lovers, we cannot be friends. I would always want more from you, which a friend cannot fulfill because I would always love you.“

6. “When we were together, it was like a fairytale. But now, things have changed, and it feels like someone has snatched my crown from me, my kingdom, and my king. All I wanted was always to be your queen.“

7. “It has been a long happy journey that reminds me of you, now and then. It is hard to forget you. The void you have left is hard to cover. It is just like an ice cream cone without the ice cream, useless!“

8. “When you left, I thought it was just one of your acts. I couldn’t even realize when you had pulled the chain, and the train had stopped halfway.“

9. “I went to our favorite place last night, but nothing felt right. How could it be? Everything was different. There were no US; it was just I.“

10. “Look in the mirror, and you’ll know. Look in your own eyes and tell yourself that you have not lost and that you have not endured or suffered the most. Though have lost the things you care about the most. But yet here you are surviving through it. It’s not about sitting down cowardly and crying, but it’s about standing up and reviving. Tell yourself, you are your hero and suit up; bombs of happiness are on your way. #Reviving.“

11. “Should I or shouldn’t I? Would you or wouldn’t you? Do you miss me or you have moved forward? That wait is eating me up; it’s tough whether to call you or be near you in a blink. My heart still beats for you. My hands are still long to hold you. But I guess, you have moved forward; leaving me in the pond of unknown mistakes.“

12. “Last time we met, we fought. I quarreled, we fought! I couldn’t show you how much I loved you. I couldn’t touch you. I didn’t know, the last time we met was the last time we met. I would have held you in my arms till the star dropped from the sky. I would have never left you. I would have never left you…“

13. “Doesn’t matter, how much I am going to do. You will always crave more, search for more, and move on. I would be stuck at the bottom of the bridge deciding what to do and when to do it until it collapses.”

14. “The man I thought he would be; my man, my hero! The little I knew the reality. The murderer was he of my thoughts, my life.“

15. “It’s like hanging on to the edge of a bridge when you have already fallen over; you don’t seem to be moving, just dangling there.“

16. “They aren’t your words that I remember, those are the faces that you used to make, the play to sedate me and it’s still amusing. Why can’t we go back to that type of conversation? Why can’t we be back together?“

17. “It happened. It happens for the only time. Things aren’t going to stay the same. So, go out and try again. You are going to succeed. Heartbreaks but love never dies.”

18. “I got a good imagination. I close my eyes, and I feel you. But that isn’t going to work forever. Either come here or go away for good because my heart is broken and I am sad.“

19. “Sleepless night, distance seems high. The distance is high more than it should be, just because of your, avoidance! Talk to me. Break those lines and come to me.After every fight there had to be forgiveness but no give-ups. Come back to me! My heart longs to see you, to hold you. I am burrowed under the weight of guilt, lift me up and take me back. Just come back to me!“

20. “The nights aren’t safe anymore. The vision is blurred. Things have changed. It’s just like the darker clouds have eaten the sun and diminished its light. Now, even going into my room and sleeping feels like going into the rainforest and not knowing what will happen. I can hear your voice, feel your presence, your touch but when I open my eyes, I cannot see you. That’s disturbing and something that I don’t want. I am losing it. Things have changed. The nights aren’t the same anymore.“

21. “On a winter night, when we used to walk, holding hands and her skin felt warm; I used to grab her in my arms. Her fingers, her touch, her sensation, they were enough to give me a good feeling of love. Today a year later, the same roads, the same night, the same longing heart but the empty hands, the unseen presence, all seemed weird. I don’t know where is life taking me my love, but the roads are more empty and scary than they were before. The lonely walk, the empty hands, the unseen presence, and the darker night isn’t what I wished. It isn’t what I wished.“

22. “Only nights know what I feel, only the walls know how my hand bleeds, the smoke from my lips, eyes staring the high ceiling so deep, the mind knows what my heart feels, the only thing I need is you indeed. The only thing that I wish is for you to ask me what I feel. The only thing I need is you indeed.“

23. “I thought that we were growing old together. I thought the past was thrown in the corner. I thought we were in love with each. Little I knew, I was your shoulder of survival, I was just a toy for your consolation, and I was there just to soothe you. Little I knew I had no importance. You were there standing in front of me. Still, I couldn’t see. Little I knew I was just there for your survival.“

24. “I deserved a justification! I might be naïve, I might not know how the world works, and I might have made mistakes but was my love short? I deserved a justification! You were my guide through this path; I was your follower. I was not in search of peace; I just wanted to walk with you along the path of life. Maybe I was naïve, but you shouldn’t have disappeared. I deserved a justification!“

25. “Your childishness, your anger, your act of pushing me away at every moment, wanting me when you want and not being with me the other times. Seeing you smiling with others makes me happy but on the other hand, it hurt, that I am not the person you are smiling with. I am just the one to carry your sadness on my shoulders. It hurts. My heart is broken, and it hurts.“

26. “You left saying that you are happy without me. Months went by thinking that how could that be? Are you happy without me? Yes, my heart was broken but still longed for you. I had to mend myself; I made myself busy. Soon I realized, I was better without you. I started enjoying my life. We were happy without each other. For sure, it was no love.“

27. “Why poets are so tragic? Because their experience gets words and they share their true story. Why are lovers so open? Because they want to share everything about their life to their partner. But when the reader or the partner gets judgmental, the work dies, and the heart dies. It is equivalent to killing one with the bare hands for hours and hours. The heart dies, and the story ends.“

28. “You might feel lonely on this road, but don’t worry. There is a better story written for you starting a few days from now. Brace yourself; don’t do stupid things this time and sail in the boat that comes to take you. A Happy ending does happen.“

29. “When the truth comes out from the mouth of your lover in a way that it hurts. In a way that shakes the whole pillar of your relationship, you might feel that lies were better than this. But don’t. But don’t just make yourself blind in love. That truth was always there hidden behind the curtain of love. Now when the curtain is lifted up, go ahead and move away from here. Live your life.“

30. “You counted months, and I always counted seasons. But the seasons never repeated.“

31. “I want to climb the high mountain and travel the world. It is better than falling in love and breaking the heart.“

32. “Your heart maybe was broken but don’t stop. You will always get the right one.“

33. “If the love is real, it won’t leave. It won’t cheat. It would never make you cry. True love cares about you, heals your pain, and makes you feel alive. I guess you were never real.“

34. “The saddest thing is that you never understood how much I loved you. You kept looking at the downside and make me realize how wrong was I., You never look at the brighter side, that whatsoever, I loved you always.“

35. “I prefer to be alone than be broken.“

36. “To date, I never realized that love could break your heart thrice over the same thing. It’s time to move forward.“

37. “My boyfriend was good at only breaking my heart.“

38. “Yes, I get it. Things cannot always happen the way, I want. But at least you could have tried. Instead of breaking my heart, you could have tried.“

39. “You were a collision worth having.”

40. “I never knew that my heart would feel so sore if you left.“

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