1. Are You Alone?

Asking a girl if she’s alone will be your deciding point on whether to proceed or not. You obviously can’t talk sex with her if she’s in a meeting or hanging out with her friends. But you might wanna be flirty and say something like “I wish you were here with me”. Don’t be afraid to be a little romantic with words.

2. What Are You Doing?

Asking her what she’s doing will help you be certain that she is alone and bored. It will also arouse her curiosity about why you asked when you know she’s alone.

3. What Are You Wearing Right Now?

This question always starts up everything. It lets her think about the bedroom. Ask her about the sexy lingerie she wears and whether she has those sexy little outfits. It’s kind of personal but not too sexual. When she answers, say something that compliments her like “My imagination runs wild right now. I wanna see you in that cute outfit” You may also wanna ask her about the color of what she’s wearing while giving her some tips on what color she looks good in.

4. Do You Like Cuddling?

Start getting flirty with this question. This serves as a borderline question between getting there and almost there. This can help her open up with you comfortably. Girls like to cuddle most of the time. They tend to seek that warm and comfy feeling while being in someone’s arms.

5. What Do You Think You Look Sexiest In?

A girl’s imagination runs wild when she’s alone and asked this question. It will get her to talk sexually with you. It’s flattering and sexual when a guy admires a girl’s effort to look sexy. Be generous with your words and compliment her or simply just give her some tips like “You look sexy in black, but I think red is your color”.

6. Has A Stranger Ever Touched You While You Are Out In A Crowded Place Or While You Are Out Clubbing?

Some girls are so embarrassed to admit it, but girls have a thing for sexual groping and secret touching. Even if it is accidental, a girl will remember every detail that the incident has let her feel. When she shares her experience, say something like “I wish I was that guy” or “I wish I have seen him doing that to you”. Ignore the latter if you are not into that thing.

7. What Is Your Wildest Fantasy?

Asking her this question will spice up her mood. Girls are more turned on by reading erotic novels than watching erotic videos. This means that they let their imagination run while visualizing what’s written. This makes their imagination wilder than guys. You might be surprised by what she is about to tell you.

8. Have You Ever Decided To Make Out With Someone Just Because You Are Horny?

Some men believe that only they have a sudden burst of hormones when it comes to sexual urges. Think again. Women also experience this and are not ashamed of doing something about it. Getting her to share her experience with you will give her a chance to brag and will be the perfect opportunity for you to ask “If I would kiss you right now, would you mind?” and to make out a sexy conversation.

9. What’s Your Secret Move To Turn A Guy On?

Describing it to you makes her fantasize about sex, and if she’s really into it already, she may give you details just to prove how sexually good she is. Don’t forget to compliment it though, say something like “That would turn me on”. The more she talks sexually about her performance, the more aroused she is likely to become.

10. Do You Like Giving Oral Or Getting One?

Be bold and ask her what she wants. If she likes getting oral, tell her you like giving it. If she likes giving it, say you love getting it. No matter what her answer is, this would spice up the moment.

11. What Can I Do To Turn You On?

Asking her this would let her appreciate herself and you even more. This will send a signal that you also wanna pleasure her the way she wants things and not only the way you want things to be. Girls are appreciative of guys who like to get to know them better, sexually or not. Asking her this would also let you know her desires and what she truly enjoys.

12. If A Guy Wants To Come Over To Your Place And Make Out With You Right Now, Would You Like That?

Talk about her. Ask what she wants and let her lead the pace. Unless you already have the clues that she wants you to come over, go straight ahead. Girls that are already so aroused would not play the game anymore and just get it on with the guy. If she doesn’t answer “yes”, continue seducing her for a few minutes and a couple of other sexy questions before telling her that you want to come to her place that same moment. Girls may play hard to get during these times, but rest assured she is already turned on and wants you to come to get her.

Playing with words is one method of turning a girl on. Be flirty with it and discreet at the same time. Like men, girls also like a little bit of mystery. Be aggressive but gentle. Be sexy and conservative at the same time. Be fast but not too slow. Naughty messages are part of every relationship. All you need to do is to play along and go with the flow. Before you know it, both of you are already intensely on it. Just remember to let her dictate the pace so that it won’t be as if you are in a hurry to get her in bed.

Getting a girl turned on is easier than asking her out for a date. Like men, girls have sexual urges too but can control them. They too have the wildest fantasies that would surprise you. There’s always an easy, safe, and foolproof way to turn a girl on from a distance. Sending sexy texts and encouraging her at the right moment will give you the best sexual experience you will ever have.