1. Chalk it out!

Guys can now ask any girl to be their date on the internet, but for the sake of romance, a little effort would flatter your girl. Writing “Will you be my girlfriend?” or “Will you go out with me?” on their driveway or her car using chalk might just do the trick! You can imagine that as she pulls up on her driveway or gets to her car, you would pop out from nowhere and then show her what you wrote. However, there is a downside to this; Chalks can leave messy marks on the driveway and her car. If you plan to write on her automobile, make sure that the chalk that you are using is water-based so that it can be smoothly erased right after.

2. Make dinner or bake sweet treats

It is not common to have a guy cook or bake, so having you do it for her would make her feel very special and important. She will appreciate your efforts. Just make sure to know her favorite pastries and preferred diet before doing any cooking. Also, you don’t need to be an expert to make her dinner or bake her some treats. You just need to find an amazing recipe and follow the instructions carefully. And of course, don’t blow up your kitchen.

3. Bring your Shakespearean side

If you can’t go directly to her and just ask her out, go write it down. Putting your feelings into words first would be very helpful to let your true emotions out. Writing a poem might sound very old-fashioned to you, but most girls find a traditional way like this very charming. Present your poem by reading it to her. You can hold her hand while you are at it and drop the sweetest question afterward. She will surely feel important and delighted by this sweet gesture. Also, this will make you the sweetest poet she will ever meet.

4. Sing her a song

Serenading your girl might be too cheesy, but none of that matters as long as you make your girl giggle in delight! You don’t need to have that John Mayer-like voice. You just need to try and sing from your heart. Pick a song that has all the things you want to say to her. You can even write a song for her. It is best to serenade at her home. It will be romantic to have you singing in front of her house and her looking out from the window. So, go to her home, sing the sweetest song, and finally ask her out!

5. Bring her flowers

Girls just love getting flowers. It is the most basic but the sweetest gesture for a guy to do. Buy her favorite bouquet of flowers. Give it to her in person, and ask her to be your girlfriend. You can also have a small gift or a short letter to go along with it. It is best if you go to her place and bring it to her personally.

6. Use QR Code

With the technology today, why not use a QR code for romantic purposes? You can use your technical skills or let someone do it for you. All you need to do is to have a personalized QR Code that says “Will you go out with me?” or “Will you be my girlfriend?” when scanned. You can ask your girl to scan the QR code with her phone and let the question pop out on her screen. This will amaze her, and hopefully, a “yes” will be given.

7. Leave it to your Friends.

Ask your friends to do a tiny favor for you by asking your girl out. It actually doesn’t mean that your friends are going to approach and ask her for you. No, it’s not like that at all. Ask your friends to hold a piece of cardboard that has every letter in the question “Will you go out with me?” You can be more creative by giving her a small token for every letter. You might have seen this trick a lot of times, but that doesn’t mean your girl wouldn’t want that.

8. Highway Proposal

This is one adorable proposal! Putting up signs or boards with your question will totally flatter your girl. The effort and the publicity just show that you’re bold, serious, and proud of her. Every girl will be ecstatic with this. You can take her on a ride with you. You will then pass by the boards and let her read them. Despite this being a sweet gesture, it has some disadvantages. You might drive too fast and miss out on some boards. If you drive at a slow speed, you might disturb other people in the driveway. One way to pull this off is to publish the texts on a billboard instead. This way, your girl will have a good look at it and may even find it very impressive. Also, you don’t get to interrupt the smooth flow of traffic.

9. Let the Sand Do it.

Beach weddings are adorable, right? Well, so as beach proposals. Beaches are just so romantic and relaxing. By simply bringing her to the shore, she will completely feel the exceptional ambiance of the occasion. If you want to ask her to be your girlfriend, beaches can set up the mood. Having your question written on the sand with a rose on the side will be the cutest.

10. Birthday Question.

If you have the guts to ask her on her birthday, why not? Go to her place and surprise her with her favorite cake and a few balloons. You can add some flowers too. This way, it will make her birthday extra special and more memorable.

11. Fire the Question with a Fortune Cookie

This is surely one of the most adorable ways! A fortune cookie can certainly give that element of surprise to your proposal. You can ask the staff of a Chinese restaurant to slip the paper that says “Will you go out with me?” or “The guy in front of you is your future boyfriend” on a fortune cookie. You can also put other statements that will catch her full attention and will make her say yes.

If your girl is adventurous and just loves discovering kinds of stuff, it is best to ask her out through a treasure hunt. Make sure that the clues and the stations are completely organized so that it will not bum anyone out. Make sure that she enjoys all the activities and that she finds your question at the end of the treasure hunt.

With today’s technology, it is very easy for people in the dating world to ask someone out for a dinner and even to become their girlfriend. However, girls surely want something new and exciting that will make them feel so special and extraordinary. Hence, a guy should put extra effort and add a little creativity to successfully get the girl. You should know that a guy who puts a lot of effort and time into a girl shows how serious and dedicated he is. If you’re reading this, it just means that you are looking for some cute ways to ask a girl out and that you are willing to do anything just to get her. Surely with all that effort, she will definitely say yes.